The 2007 Honda CR250 in the MXA studio. 

It’s sad to say that 2007 was the last year of the Honda CR250. This was a storied machine, from its introduction in 1973 (with Steve McQueen as the spokesman and Gary Jones at the controls) to its omnipotent days in the hands of Johnson, Bailey and O’Mara, to its introduction as the first aluminum-framed production bike in 1997.

The CR engineers began to think that they were infallible—and, in the process, they gambled on blowing the competition away with a totally new engine design in 2002. Unfortunately for Honda, the all-new revolutionary case-reed engine, with its electronic power valve, traction control ignition and high-tech carburetor, never lived up to its promise. Sales dropped when Yamaha and Suzuki’s 250 two-strokes got better and plummeted when four-strokes took over (although there was some solace for Honda in the fact that CR250 riders became CRF450 riders).


Handling: For those of you too young to remember the glory days of Honda handling, suffice it to say that Jeremy McGrath loved his 1993 CR250 so much that he never raced a 1994, 1995 or 1996 Honda during his time at Team Honda. And, when the first aluminum-framed CR250 came on the scene in 1997, Jeremy rode it a couple of times and bolted from the Honda fold. Jeremy was astute. The ’93 chassis was awesome, and the ’97 Delta-box was gruesome. After ’97 Honda spent more money on frame development than any of the four motorcycle manufacturers and, in the process, massaged the bugs out of the aluminum frame making a bike that was excellent at turn-in, rock steady at center-out and clean on the exit—albeit always fighting excessive frame rigidity.

Quality: Honda had the best metallurgy, quality control and reliability. This was a bulletproof machine.

The case-reed CR250 suffered from a weird low-to-mid transition. Down low, where it should have been pulling like an Alaskan sled dog, it was huffing and puffing.


Jetting: This was a mystery machine. It’s not that we couldn’t get the jetting to be spot on, it’s just that we couldn’t keep it there for more than three hours. Every day we spent with the CR250 was an adventure in brass. We eventually learned to accept that today’s lean jetting would be tomorrow’s rich jetting. Even the slightest change in one direction or the other would send the CR250’s jetting into gurgle, diesel and ping land.

Main Jet: 420
Pilot Jet: 38 (40 stock)
Needle: 6DGY-26-65
Clip: 2nd from top (3rd stock)
Air screw: 2 turns out
Note: Honda jetting is rich on the bottom, but lean everywhere else. When you lean out the bottom, the CR’s pinging gets more ominous. On a daily basis, our best solution was a dose of race gas, a leaner pilot, and lots of fiddling with the clip position.


No mystery. In 2002, Honda dropped their trusty reed-valve, piston-port design for a case-reed configuration. This was a radical engine choice for Honda and one that had previously been deemed best suited for 125 two-strokes. But Honda gambled on the rock ’em, sock ’em benefits of shoving the carb throat directly into the cases (instead of into the cylinder). They rolled snake-eyes!

From day one, the case-reed CR250 suffered from a weird low-to-mid transition. Down low, where it should have been pulling like an Alaskan sled dog, it was huffing and puffing. It mysteriously went “wah, wah wah.” Once the rpm and fuel velocity built up, the engine ran fine, but not below it and not much above it.

Was the Honda CR250 faster than the competition? In the hands of a rider who can carry beaucoup speed out of the corners and unerringly shift on peak, the CR250 powerband was competitive.


First, never let the engine linger below dead center in the rpm range. Second, keep two fingers on the clutch at all times. You have to use your clutch hand like the trigger finger of a gunfighter. Third, don’t get trapped into thinking that over-revving the engine will help keep it in the middle. It won’t. If you overrev, the CR250 will go flat on top and bring the power profile down instead of moving it up. Finally, never cruise. The CR250 has one good power setting, and that is wide open in the midrange. No coasting. No half-throttle solutions. No rolling it on.

You could make this bike better, you just need a little extra dough. 

1. Reed valve: To make the low-end appreciably better, bolt on a Moto Tassinari VForce3 reed cage. It makes the low-end power cleaner, crisper and stronger. Moto Tassinari–(603) 298-6646.

2. Pipe: The powerband is shorter than it is long, so bolting on Pro Circuit’s Works pipe adds a ton of midrange and some extra rev so that you won’t be fretting about the bottom. Pro Circuit–(951) 738-8050.

3. Gearing: The CR250 really benefits from lower gearing. We added one tooth to the rear sprocket (from a 49 to a 50). This tightened up the gear ratios, got us into the meat of the power quicker and helped the CR out of corners.

4. Radiators: Put Works Connection on your speed dial, because Honda’s radiators are not very strong. The are weak enough that just the banging of your knees while riding will bend them. Works Connection makes regular radiator braces and ultra-strong radiator cages. Go for the cages. It will save money in the long run. Works Connection–(530) 642-9488.

5. Electric power valve: Every time we felt that our CR250 was going off song, we would round up all the usual suspects (broken reeds, worn rings, bad jetting) to no avail. The problem was normally in the HPP valve. The cables on the power valve have a tendency to go slack. Once we tightened them up, we got our lost power back.

What we would pay to get our hands on a brand new crated up 2007 Honda CR250.

Spring rate: 0.44 kg/mm
Oil height: 384cc
Compression: 10 clicks out
Rebound: 14 clicks out
Fork leg height: 5mm up
Note: The 2007 CR250 forks are 7mm longer than the CRF450 forks because they are the forks that were designed to go with the 20-inch front wheel (which Honda offerrd as an option).

Spring rate: 5.2 kg/mm
Race sag: 105 mm
High-compression: 2-1/2 turns out
Low-compression: 7 clicks
Rebound: 7 clicks
Notes: Make small (about 1/8th turn) adjustments to the high-speed compression. Its standard setting is two turns out (and then an extra twist to align the punch marks). We had our best luck going farther out instead of in on high-speed.



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Woodruff, South Carolina




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You are viewing a hard to come by 2002 Honda CR 250, no longer in production these two strokes are highly sought after by off road enthusiast. This unit is ready, with good tires, brakes, plastics, seat, chain, sprockets, and controls. Bike and components are all functional and ready to ride. Runs better than it looks, with ultra-crisp throttle response and a killer mid to top hit throughout the power chart. Accessories professionally installed including, Tag Bars, Tag Top Triple Clamp, FMF Gold series pipe and silencer, striped naked ready for your Graphics kit. With proven Honda Performance, Reliability, and the thrill of a Crisp two stroke this bike is a real find! Contrary to popular belief two strokes are still competitive, in fact many top woods racers are still thrashing 250 two strokes , and winning on them, yes winning. Off Road season is among us again, Originally priced at $2,488.00 you can turn some heads a top notch CR! So email me and arrange your delivery today! What you’re buying…You are buying a Used Off road vehicle. We do the best we can to recondition and / or disclose any wear or damage. These vehicles have most likely been off road and ridden through mud and across creeks as that is what they are intended for. They will have scratches and sometimes scrapes in the plastics as well as some mud staining. Used also means the wheel bearings, bushings, brakes, belts, battery, air filter, oil filter, oils, tie rod bushings, axle bearings and other normal wear and tear items will have some wear!! If these types of things bother you then please spend thousands more and just buy new!! If you want to pay the extra money for all this stuff to be replaced with brand new then by all means please let us know and we will be glad to fulfill your wishes for a price.If you’re seeing this on EBay understand my listings are not auctions but classified listings. This means they are available until someone clicks the buy it now or you make an offer if that’s an option that I accept. This means if you’re waiting till the end it will probably get sold before. Seventy Three percent of my items sell before the end as they are all clean and priced to sell!!! So… please don’t call and ask me what the best price is as it’s listed and even more you are welcome to make an offer when that’s an option. Best of luck and Happy Trails!!If you’re reading this and have a lot of questions please just call me at 904-755-7788. If you’re bidding on it through an auction I have everything for sale outside so call for a buy it now as I reserve the right to remove it early due to an outside sale. If you want to ship you can get an immediate quote from one of the following nine Sources. Yellow Dog transport “Ed Connors” 732-580-5710, Tim Ware w/ TRW Motorsports 601-497-8279, J2Casper Hauling Theresa Casper 678-776-4674 or Tim Lockman 706-248-4582, Tony with Extreme Cycles 864-285-6428, Dale with DTK Hauling 252-314-9950, DNR transport “Cap” 316-882-5589 Gtrans “Randy Groff” 717-271-4641, ; if you don’t like those quotes then you can go to and put the transport up for bidders to compete for or even get an immediate quote through This I a very quick and easy process utilizing drop boxes and zip codes for a quote on the spot! If you are an in state resident, then I do collect sales tax but NO dealer fees and NO registration fees.

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Honda CR-V II: Honda CRV II price, specifications Honda CRV II, photo, reviews, video

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Body type: Any Sedan Hatchback Liftback Station wagon Crossover SUV Compact van Minivan Coupe Convertible Roadster Pickup Van Bus Minibus Truck Dump truck Chassis Tractor Price range: Any from 600,000 to 70 0,000 rubles from 700,000 to 800,000 rubles from 800,000 to 900,000 rubles from 900,000 to 1,000,000 rubles up to 1,000,000 rubles from 1,250,000 to 1,500,000 rubles from 1,250,000 to 1,500,000 rubles from 1,500,000 to 1,750,000 rubles from 1,75 0,000 to 2,000,000 rubles to 2,000,000 rubles from 2,000,000 to 2,500,000 rubles from 2,500,000 to 3,000,000 rubles from 3,000,000 to 3,500,000 rubles from 3,500,000 to 4,000 0 00 rubles from 4,000,000 to 4,500,000 rubles from 4,500,000 to 5,000,000 rubles over 5,000,000 rubles Length: Any Up to 3 meters 3 — 3. 5 meters 3.5 — 4 meters 4 — 4.5 meters 4.5 — 5 meters 5 — 5.5 meters 5.5 — 6 meters Over 6 meters Width (with mirrors) : Any Up to 1.4 meters 1.4 — 1.5 meters 1.5 — 1.6 meters 1.6 — 1.7 meters 1.7 — 1.8 meters 1.8 — 1.9 meters 1.9 — 2 meters Over 2 meters Height: Any Up to 1.3 meters 1.3 — 1.4 meters 1.4 — 1 .5 meters 1.5 — 1.6 meters 1.6 — 1.7 meters 1.7 — 1.8 meters 1.8 — 1.9 meters 1.9 — 2 meters Over 2 meters Number of doors: Any 1 2 3 4 5 Number of seats: Any 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and more 0-300 liters 300-400 liters 400-500 liters 500-1000 liters Over 1000 liters Warranty: Any 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years Country of assembly: Any Belgium Brazil United Kingdom Germany India Iran Italy Spain Canada China Mexico Netherlands Poland Russia Romania Slovakia USA Thailand Turkey Ukraine Uzbekistan Czech Republic Sweden South Korea South Africa Japan

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Honda CR-V II — photo 1

Honda CR-V II — photo 2 CR-V II — photo 4

Honda CR-V II — photo 5



The Honda CR-V II is not available from authorized Honda dealers.

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Honda CR-V

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Specifications Honda CR-V II

Year of manufacture 2001
Body style Crossover
Length, mm 4635
Width, mm 1785
Height, mm 1710
Number of doors 5
Seats 5
Trunk volume, l 525-952
Assembly country Japan

Modifications Honda CR-V II

Honda CR-V II 2.

0 AT

Maximum speed, km/h 167
Acceleration to 100 km/h, s 9 0087

Engine Petrol
Displacement, cm hp / rpm 150/6500
Combi consumption, liters per 100 km 9.3
4 gears
Drive Complete
Show all specifications 0MT
Maximum speed, km/h 177
Acceleration to 100 km/h, s 9 0087

Engine Petrol
displacement, cm 3 1998
Power, HP / rpm 150/6500
Combi consumption, liters per 100 km 9. 0
5 gears
Drive Complete
Show all specifications
Unfortunately, this model has no classmates…

Owner reviews Honda CR-V II

Honda CR-V II, 2002

First impression: excellent engine and gearbox and whoever writes here that there is not enough power is nonsense. I drove it to Stavropol, constantly had to overtake trucks, you always have time for everything. Comfortable speed up to 130 km / h, while the consumption on the «automatic» does not exceed 10 liters (though more in summer in winter). The handling of the Honda CR-V II is excellent, everything is again clear and informative, the suspension is moderately stiff. For me, after «RD-1» it’s just very soft. Noise isolation, I think that is good. I drove different cars with friends and I will say that it is much better than the Mazda 6 and even the Acura RDX, oddly enough. In the cabin of the Honda CR-V II «for an amateur», but in general everything suits me, with the exception of the radio, they could make it built-in with USB. It heats up very quickly, the stove is excellent, the climate also works as it should. Heated seats, for some reason, it really starts to warm up only when you start moving. Another stupid hatch that is open, that is closed — a very weak effect.

Advantages of : reliability. Practicality. Design. Liquidity. Everything else is just pluses.

Disadvantages : noise isolation.

Gregory, Lipetsk

Honda CR-V II, 2003

In general, only positive memories remained about the Honda CR-V II, in my opinion, the most important thing in a car is reliability. The car always started and drove me from point «A» to point «B», unscheduled visits to a car service can be counted on the fingers of one hand. My driving style is quite calm, while it must be understood that such a car is not bought in order to be the first to leave a traffic light or to conquer off-road. Honda CR-V II feels good and confident enough on winter snowy or rainy roads and allows you to confidently park in the city. That’s about it, and I was completely satisfied with it. What was also pleasantly pleasing was that spare parts for maintenance or repair were always available in stores and their prices are quite democratic, you can almost always choose an original or non-original spare part from different manufacturers.

During the operation, there were no complaints about the interior of the Honda CR-V II, even after 9 years, there are no “crickets” and scuffs or holes in the seats (the interior was in my configuration combined leather-fabric), everything is very comfortable, ascetic to disgrace, functional and practical. But this minimalism, to be honest, pushed me to sell the car, I wanted something more comfortable and powerful, and only cognac gets better and more expensive over the years, which cannot be said about a car.

Advantages : reliability, unpretentiousness in everything, comfort.

Disadvantages : the interior is rustic.

Alexander, Moscow

Honda CR-V II, 2005

So I decided to write about my typewriter. A lot has happened in five years of owning a Honda CR-V II. Second owner, car from Switzerland. Revealed weaknesses in the rear suspension and constant subsidence at the slightest overload. After changing 2 sets of springs, I came to the spacers and the problem was solved. The problem of the rear wheel house is solved by replacing the eared and adjustable rear upper arms. The cardan cross has become unusable after a run of 120,000 km, the official offers only the replacement of the entire cardan, which is 30 times more expensive than changing the cross to a Chinese one. Exhaust camshaft grout problem, replacement. The engine gets dirty quickly.

Honda CR-V II interior «Shumka» is rather weak. Bushings and stabilizer struts, as usual «consumables». I tried to describe all the shortcomings that I encountered, everything else is just pluses, I will highlight the following: a very spacious interior, a reliable car with proper maintenance, consumption on the highway 9 liters, in the city the maximum consumption in winter with heating fit into 15 liters. According to taxes, it hits 150 forces, which is also a plus. A huge plus for the presence of a luggage rack in the form of a table, an irreplaceable thing. For all the time it didn’t start a couple of times at -35, and then only because I didn’t put it on periodic autorun in the evening. Body color is excellent, no rust on the chips!

Advantages : spacious interior. Reliable car. Little expense. Table in the trunk.

Disadvantages : rear suspension is weak.

Anton, Vologda

Honda CR-V II, 2002

The mileage of the Honda CR-V II at the time of purchase was 125,000. . It would seem that with such an engine of 160 fillies it should be frisky, the reason for this was that it was flooded out of habit 92 gasoline, after having used up the tank, refueled with the 95th gasoline. The difference turned out to be noticeable — power was added significantly and consumption decreased significantly: city — 12.6, highway — 9. 3 (winter) gasoline with an octane rating of 92 is definitely not for her. I really liked the interior of the Honda CR-V II with its spaciousness, high ceiling, visibility of the windshield. 3 cup holders, a folding table between the seats and a completely flat floor. The seats themselves are comfortable and comfortable, which gives positive emotions on long trips, a picnic table in the trunk is a very necessary thing for outings. The variety of glove compartments gives positive feedback in terms of practicality, even under the passenger seat there is a retractable glove compartment, which today easily accommodates everything you need (chargers, keys to the garage and summer cottages, sunglasses for all family members, etc.). I didn’t immediately get used to the automatic transmission handle on the dashboard, but now it’s very convenient, the handbrake in the form of a handle on the panel makes you feel like an aircraft commander. Regular daytime running lights turn on automatically when the ignition is turned on, which I also attribute to additional amenities. The seats of the Honda CR-V II fold into a flat floor, the rear seat backrest is adjustable in angle. On the track, I was very pleased with the cruise control — a very convenient option for long distances. A distinctive feature is its clearance, in contrast, again, from the previous «puzzers». You don’t noticeably move any snow in the winter if the public utilities don’t clean the roads.

Advantages : convertible interior. Ergonomics. Driving qualities. Clearance.

Flaws : not found.

Anatoly, Angarsk

Honda CR-V II, 2005

For 8 years of ownership and 160 thousand km of run, the Honda CR-V II has never failed. You have to get used to connecting the rear-wheel drive, he has his own thoughts, but over time you begin to understand the logic, it’s just as useful to turn off the ESP and then this little all-terrain vehicle shows good off-road performance, you go fishing and with your family on vacation anywhere, but several times you had to dig out and use a manual winch. Handling, dynamics, visibility, etc. — this is very subjective, over the years I got so used to the car that I only enjoyed it, the prospect of driving any distance and direction never scared me, sat down and drove off, the car inspired confidence. The interior is comfortable, spacious, five, even large adults fit without problems, two child seats lived in places or roamed around the trunk, a boat, tents, chairs, oil lamps and other things for outdoor trips were placed there without any problems. If you sacrifice one folded seat, you can fit 4 mountain bikes, and once even had to transport the tailgate from the semi-trailer, entered. A special mention is worthy of a table in the trunk. The bright interior looked very advantageous, and its cleaning did not cause any inconvenience, in the fall I tried to do dry cleaning in a car dealership, or on my own with a washing vacuum cleaner. For 11 years of life, nothing has torn anywhere. The car was sold solely because I needed money, I wanted something else a little more economical (it’s not very good now with the family budget), and it’s not up to retirement to drive it. My personal conclusion is that the car is good. Convenient, practical, able to work in multitasking mode.

Advantages : universal car. Comfortable and pleasant to use.

Disadvantages : noise isolation.

Alexander, Miass

Honda CR-V II, 2005

I live in the north of Kazakhstan, I needed a car with decent ground clearance and all-wheel drive to overcome constant snowdrifts and drive in muddy roads. I thought about taking a full-size jeep, but the expense and tax scared me. Having traveled to showrooms, I chose between RAV4, Outlander, X-trail and Honda CR-V II. Having traveled on all machines, I liked the Honda CR-V. Without thinking twice the car was purchased. Before buying, I had a little doubt about the hieroglyphs on the car, because. we have a lot of «Arabs» and the owners suffer with them, but we were assured that the car is fully adapted. And as it turned out, they were not deceived, the car warms up quickly, it started up at -30 without problems. During the operation, nothing serious was done. But the quality of the local service did not inspire confidence and at the first opportunity they wanted to drive to Chelyabinsk to the official, and such an opportunity appeared in the summer of 2008. After a complete diagnosis, nothing was revealed, the consumables were changed and we went home with a clear conscience. The performance of the car surprised me. I am a fisherman and a hunter, but I usually get to us by my car. During operation, I put a kenguryatnik and thresholds on the Honda CR-V II brought by myself from the UAE. In general, I really liked the car, the interior is transformable and roomy, the appearance is attractive and catchy, driving performance is at a high level. And now about the cons, which are not many: the consumption for a switchable all-wheel drive is high and the rear wheels are askew. They say that they level out at speed, but still spoil the view. At the end of October the car was sold, I wanted something more impressive. But in general, the car is very good, you can play smart with the CVT, although I’m not a fan. The engine is quite high-torque, compared to the old 2.0. Who is thinking about buying a Honda CR-V II — I highly advise. Thank you for reading to the end. Good luck on your journey!

Advantages : comfort. Patency. Reliability.

Disadvantages : consumption is too big.

Evgeny, Kostanay

Honda CR-V II, 2002

When I got into the Honda CR-V II for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the interior space. It seems that the car is not very large in appearance, but inside the place is just a wagon. It is very comfortable to sit behind the wheel — the seat is adjustable in height and landing angle, comfortable armrests. When driving long distances, no discomfort is felt. Pleasant to the touch and seat trim, it is velor with leather inserts. Pleased and leather steering wheel, do not need any braids. Frontal visibility in the CR-V is amazing. You sit down and the whole world is open before you. But everyone spoils the side pillars (too wide) when turning to the right, you have to be careful, but you get used to it. K20A engine, 2 liters 158 hp very decent, enough relics and on the highway and in the city. Dynamic and you can drive. They say K24A (there seems to be 167hp) 2.4 liters. faster, but even with this on the road you don’t feel flawed. Reviews are very reliable. Instead of a timing belt, a chain seems to me more reliable, and there are no problems with replacement. In terms of gas consumption, it’s like pushing the pedal, with a calm ride on the highway (no more than three thousand revolutions), you can meet nine liters, and if at a speed of 140-160 you can even 15-18 liters. In the summertime, city-highway, I get about 11.5 liters. In winter, with warming, of course, more. Speaking of winter, they scared me that Hondas did not start well in the cold, in the first winter in frost 30-33, after standing for the night, it started up the second time. I did not experience fate, I set the alarm with heating. Even if I have gasoline in the winter and flies a pretty penny, but I always know that, no matter how cold it is, I will get up and go in the morning, and I will not jump around it. Handling of the Honda CR-V II when compared with classmates 9points out of 10. With the height of the car and its clearance, it enters into turns very well. The suspension is moderately hard and not very soft, as they say — the golden mean. The box behaves quite normally and predictably, switching occurs when necessary, it does not blunt. There is a lot of talk about all-wheel drive, or, as they say, “under-drive” on the CR-V. Who praises and who hates. The main plus in the connected tailgate, lower fuel consumption. Cons, something that may be late, or may connect when it is not necessary. Somehow I decided to skip the intersection in front of oncoming cars, (turned left) and caught the ice, of course, the rear axle was connected, and I turned 180 degrees, I thought I would collect all the cars. By some miracle, I was able to fit into the turn, I learned the lesson for a long time. You just need to consider what this drive is capable of and what it is not.

Advantages : good handling. Car for the family and at the same time as in the «jeep». Price-quality in its segment. Good ground clearance. Sufficient permeability. In general — a reliable car.

Drawbacks : A-pillar gets in the way when turning. Weak suspension. When driving through puddles, all the water ends up on the hood and “front” — you need to turn on the brushes in advance. Over time, the rear wheels become a house (decidable).

Vladimir, Abakan

Honda CR-V II wallpapers

Honda CR-V II wallpapers II — test drives

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Honda CR-V II — car overview

Honda CR-V II
The second generation Honda CR-V debuted in 2001. In the new Honda CR-V II, the dimensions and wheelbase have been increased. The car received a «fresh» appearance and began to look more solid. The free space of the cabin has grown, sound insulation has been improved, which, of course, has added comfort when traveling. The Honda CR-V II was offered in several trim levels, the richest of which was Executive. The crossover was equipped with climate control, electric windows and mirrors, an audio system, BC and many other useful options. The upholstery of the interior existed both in fabric variants and in good, soft leather.

The range of Honda CR-V II power units has expanded compared to the previous generation. There were 2 new engines: «turbodiesel», 2.2 l and petrol, 16-valve, 2.4 l. The Honda CR-V II’s fully independent all-wheel suspension ensures the car’s handling. Thanks to the Realtime 4WD all-wheel drive transmission, the crossover behaves excellently in light off-road conditions. In 2006, the third generation of the model replaced the Honda CR-V II.

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Honda SRV 2 (2002-2006) problems and specifications

Honda SRV 2 generation debuted in 2002, on the platform of the 7th generation Honda Civic. The crossover was produced until 2006, in 2005 the model was restyled.

In this article we will tell you about all the details of the 2nd generation Honda SRV, problems and “sores”, technical specifications, service according to official recommendations from Japanese Honda dealers, photo and video test drive.

Friends, please use the content for your convenience!

Article content:

  • Second generation overview
    • Technical
    • Exterior and interior
    • Equipment
  • sores of the second generation
  • Specifications
  • Test Drive Video
  • Photos

Second Generation Overview

First Generation Honda CR-V The SRV was developed earlier by Rav 4). Thus, he brought a new level of practicality to the SUV class and Honda brand identity. The

Honda SRV was a bestseller in its day and the company used a win-win formula in its second generation. But since 19In 1997, the CR-V class is increasingly crowded with competitors, almost every manufacturer has an urban crossover.

Can a second RTS compete successfully in this dense market?

Of course it can. Honda SRV 2 generation is built on the current «global small car platform» and after 2001, along with the Civic and the new Acura RSX, became the third car of the Honda family to reach North America. Despite being made in Japan and the UK, the CR-V’s largest market is still the US.

As usual, the second CR-V comes in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive “Real Time 4WD” versions.

And as before, the all-wheel drive option means no downshifts and limited off-road capability. Do you want to cross the Rubicon trail? Take a Jeep or Range Rover.

And if you need to drive on a winter or country road, then the Honda SRV 2 is just right. The 8.1-inch ground clearance is not suitable for deep off-road. But this clearance is great for stability on light off-road and maneuverability in the city.

2nd Generation Honda SRW


The modified MacPherson strut fronts don’t seem like overkill, and the rear double wishbones aren’t new to Honda. The suspension works well even when going through fairly large holes. Honda SRV 2 provides a soft and stable ride. A car with this suspension is controlled with absolute precision, but within reason, you will not be able to drive aggressively, but that’s not what a CR-V is bought for.

Standard disc brakes provide excellent response and short stopping distances.

In the second generation, the K-series engines appeared, with a volume of 2.0 and 2.4 liters, a diesel engine was also supplied for the European market. The first 2.0 liter unit developed 158 horsepower and 194 Nm of torque.

2nd unit, this is a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine that develops 160 horsepower and 224 Hm of torque. For horses, the increase in power is not high, but in terms of torque it is excellent.

The transmission has not undergone major changes, it is either a classic «automatic» or a manual transmission.

Exterior and interior

Honda SRV 2, increased in size, became longer, wider and taller than its predecessor. The increase in dimensions had a positive effect on the capacity of the cabin, it became more comfortable to sit in front and behind.

The wheelbase has not increased, but there is more legroom for the rear passengers, and in general, long-distance travel on the CR-V 2 has become a pleasure due to the comfort in the cabin.

Externally, the crossover is more modern than the previous generation, with a thick black composite front bumper, multi-reflector headlights and huge taillights. All this gives the car a more modern look compared to the old CR-V.

The second generation has Honda’s signature style, but it’s hardly a beautiful crossover, and the spare tire on the tailgate is left hanging.

The exterior evokes mixed feelings, the interior clearly outperforms it.

The instrument panel has been almost completely changed, the power windows were moved, and the automatic transmission lever was placed on the instrument panel in the American style.

The front seats are covered in wear-resistant material and are well shaped and comfortable. The folding rear seat, which makes the CR-V’s interior truly functional, can accommodate two passengers comfortably and three for short periods of time. A seat belt is provided for each passenger. If there is no one in the center, the center console folds out with two large cup holders.

As with the previous CR-V, the second-generation rear seat folds out to become a picnic table.


The base «LX» CR-V comes with cruise control, power windows, mirrors, air conditioning and an AM/FM/CD sound system.

Next EX — all-wheel drive — adds tinted windows, remote keyless entry, alloy wheels, side airbags, sunroof and six-disc CD changer.